New chromatic trend. Comfort and excellent fabrics:
it is a refined duo dedicated to man having regard to the real essence of what dresses.
Sporty vest
Sleeveless in precious wool 14-micron. Very thin yard, soft to touch, with special color reflections. Pair it with handmade blazer and denim jeans. Pure comfort.
Jacket in suede
Sporty mood for this outwear in suede, padded with thermic wadding. Pair it with greys: cashmere sweater and pinstriped pants. The pocket square is Eleventy must-have.
Two shades of camel
Sweater in 100% Cariaggi 4-yarns cashmere. Coat in wool 14 micron, both warm and lightweight. Dress it with the grey man-suit, expression of new business casual.
British inspirations
Man suit made with precious velvet of cashmere and cotton. The deep camel is here matched with blue tones of wool sweater and vest. Accessorize the look with the leather backpack.