London Calling
British textures and inspirations
Eleventy journey continues: inspired by
the British world,
the fall winter collection
stands up for wearability, clean lines

and renewed practical sense of the modern man.

A young and modern attitude to clothing.
Using the exquisitely Italian
expertise and flair,
this collection reinterprets British textures,

such us Prince of Wales, Chevron
and Houndstooth in dynamic way.
Clean lines outline suits of contemporary
that are skillfully enriched
with accessories and contrasting details.

Every single detail has the flavor of quality:
from double buckle shoes
in horse leather
to the soft laptop case in deer print leather.
Traditional British check jackets with
innovative cut,
plain color suits paired
with light tones coats
or warmer
and embracing colors such as camel.

A more sophisticated and harmonious look,

capable of expressing a contemporary
menswear vision.
In this fascinating story, the fine cashmere coat
with shearling
becomes the must-have piece
of the season, together with a jacket and tie,

combined with flannel cashmere cargo pants
and travel bag.