March, 19th 2018
The Piani di Castelluccio: Setting for SS18 Men’s and Women’s Collection

For its Spring-Summer 2018 campaign, Eleventy has chosen the magical landscape of the Piani di Castelluccio of Norcia (Italy), recently the site of a severe earthquake. This plateau in the Apennines of Umbria and the Marche was once the bottom of an ancient lake, now dry. Today it is known for its karst character.

By its decision to launch the collections in the Piani di Castelluccio, Eleventy wishes to create an opportunity for remembering this land and for maintaining its character as a tourist destination, thereby sustaining the economy of the areas struck by the earthquake.

This is a land that represents a precious natural and cultural treasure. It is an area at once remote and near, emblem of the millennial relationship between man and nature that expresses the essence of Italy’s natural splendor.

This campaign is inspired by the beauty of our country, a beauty that always moves me, that makes me dream and that makes me proud of Italy. This is the beauty that gives me new energy every day to create fashion outside of time,” says Marco Baldassari, men’s creative director and founder of Gruppo Eleventy together with Paolo Zuntini, Woman’s creative director.

Thanks also to the sensitivity of photographer Natalino Russo, whose camera has always attentively documented the lands of our country, these sensations are revived in Eleventy’s new collections. Our models therefore become one with the panoramas of these endless plateaus with their limestone rock, which throughout time have provided humans with means of labor. Against this backdrop, the collections speak of the values of the Italian identity.